VJC Denim Fw20


“The minute I understood that I could play with jeans I treated it like a canvas and decided to give it an aristocracy it had never had before” said Gianni Versace when he launched Versace Jeans Couture in 1988.

Versace Jeans Courture Denim Campaign⁣⁣⁣ Fw20
Styling: Allegra Versace Beck

Creative Versace Jeans Couture: 
Salvatore Delle Femmine, James Roper
Marketing team: Alessandra Satta, Ilaria Provasi

Creative Matte Agency: Ken Tokunaga, Margot Roussel
Production: Squalo Produzioni 
DOP: Jack Reynolds

The atmospheric and sensorial SS21 denim campaign film encapsulates denim’s raw and bold attitude.