Poised between a lysergic singer-songwriter DIY attitude, DOLA is one of the most oblique and interesting voices on the Italian scene. A transversal artist, rough and cheeky but emotional.
His songs tells the discomfort, the paranoia, the desire to do “all my way” by a continuous collision of attitudes and musical genres, all carried away in video mixing digital format, VHS and film Super8.

Direct and edited: Salvatore Delle Femmine
Executive producers: Undamento
Production Manager/Casting Director:
Martina Bruno
Production assistents:
Mauro Nacca / Pietro Zara
Cast: Giorgio / Alex / Samuele / Fabio
Creative Director: Tommaso Biagetti
Screenwriter: Mario Cipriano
Dop: Federico Scaglia
Super8: Francesco Tartaglia
Vhs: Flavio Scutti / Mario Cipriano
Additional Photo: Raffaele Alicino
Set design: Mariano Franzetti
Stylist: Fabrizio Costanzo
Stylist Assistant. Anna Lena Biotti
Make-up artist: Lorenzo Zavatta
Graphic design: Chiara Dal Maso
Special Thanks: Vìen