The Burning Culture


Without the pretension of absolute thoroughness, the work aims at being an assembly of a multitude of circumstances and key subjects in urban conquering spaces, in which the figures may be seen as hunters, liberated only by the brute necessity of filling their bags with abundant game.

The hunting ground is the urban context, a gravity-fatuous centre, where the required shelter comes in the shape of self-managed spaces, permanent educational workshops in the arts and the transgenerational communion of knowledge.

These “New Renaissance” workshops collaborate in the birth and continuous metamorphosis of urban identity, which more or less unconsciously elaborates the archetypes of collective consciousness.

A journey through subterranean culture, which emerges above ground, rises as an essential alternative to the glaring symptoms of contemporary alienation. A melting pot that feeds on ardent, uncontainable, passionate fire.

Shots on 35mm

Photographic exhibition
#13, Marsèll, The Burning Culture
Marsèlleria, Milano
Jun, 2018

Fanzine produced by Press Press in a limited edition of 50 copies. Printed in risograph and screen printing in June 2018 at Spazio Florida.