Left Behind


During the last two years working for Versace I have had the opportunity to work behind the scenes for the preparation of the latest fashion shows. These photos and videos are an excerpt and a behind the scenes story.

Versace Fall Winter 2019
Fashion Show Behind the scene

Supermodel Adut Akech is on her way to the Versace Fall-Winter 2020 fashion show.
She reflects on the themes of the collection – equality and inclusivity – as she heads to the House’s first co-ed runway presentation. Never afraid to express a strong point of view, the collection is for those who do not dress to please everybody: the supermodel recalls her favorite Versace moments and her style – on and off the runway.

In the days leading up to the House’s first co-ed runway presentation, the Milanese headquarters become a space for show preparations. Chief Creative Officer Donatella Versace and her team make decisions on hem lengths, styling and accessories. Versace doesn’t care about gender, she cares about confidence. The putting together of the looks, models’ casting, the choice of music all reflect sensuality and self-confidence, freedom of expression and the sense of belonging. “The reason I wanted to show my men’s and women’s collections together today is because men and women are equally powerful. It doesn’t have anything to do with gender, it’s that their power comes from a different type of confidence” - @donatella_versace

Directed By Salvatore Delle Femmine
Edit: Matteo Motzo
Color grading: Diego La Rosa
Audio mix: Mauro Mattei