In the Fall-Winter 2020 Collection
Versace Jeans Couture explores the rebellious youth culture of the 80s.

A focal point of the brand’s exploration, statement denim evokes the rebellious attitude of decades past. Contemporary silhouettes are embellished with studwork and heritage hardware tips that are also transferred onto accessories. The Women’s Collection subverts the hyper-feminine aesthetic with rebellious details, giving a nod to the
“Riot grrrl” movement of the 90s.

Key seasonal silhouettes evoke school uniforms, yet looks are styled with contemporary, subversive details that evoke the bold spirit of the street.

I managed the conceptual phase for lookbook development and art direction for photo and video contents and realization of the secondary shooting.

Photography Salvatore Delle Femmine
Styling Allegra V. Beck

Directed by Tommaso Ottomano
Art Director - Salvatore Delle Femmine